6 Tips To Help Prepare For A Virtual Interview

As we have seen during these unprecedented times, many traditional processes are focussing on adapting and becoming digital. The world of interviews is no different, many of us may have already experienced a video interview before COVID-19 took hold of the world. However, as video interviews become the keyway that employers get to know you, we have compiled our list of top tips that we have learnt through our years of preparing candidates for video interviews.; the key thing to remember that all types of interview whether that be in person or via video require the same amount of preparation.



Once the platform has been set, get to feel comfortable with it, how to share any documents through it, how to accept a call etc. It is also especially important that you know how to use your computer/laptop, there may be times in the interview where you need to quickly load up a resource or access something the employer requests you to do. During the swirl of nerves many of us experience, having confidence in yourself to use your hardware correctly will ease the process.

We recommend scheduling a test call with someone you know, this allows you to test all the elements needed, such as the camera, speaker, microphone and indeed your screen; working out the best angle for you is also suggested so that you can feel confident with your face staring back at you during the interview.

A great way to show initiative to your potential new employer is to contact them ahead of time and offer an alternative should either party encounter any issues during the interview. This evidences the time you have spent before the interview to research the requested video software and then find an alternative.



As with all interviews, practice truly does make perfect. Research your potential employer, learn all there is to know about the company. You can also use any names given to you at this point to research them via LinkedIn. Through the people conducting the interview, you will be able to get a sense of the type of interview you will be having.

We can work with you to formulate a list of questions you can expect to be asked, armed with this list you can then ask a friend or family member to ask them to you. Allowing you to practise answering questions ensure you don’t get carried away and overstep the interviewer.



It’s a running joke that you can wear whatever you like below the table when on camera, we however strongly suggest you select a complete outfit. Should you need to stand up and any point at all, you don’t want the interviewer to see your favourite pyjama bottoms. Judging the culture of the company and dressing appropriately is always advised.



A quiet space with a plain backdrop will be the best option, ensuring the light isn’t too strong or weak and that you are away from open windows that may allow for traffic noise to interrupt the interview. Ensure that any children and pets are also under another adults supervision as to not interrupt the interview.



Pen, paper, your CV and a glass of water should be all you need. Be sure not to allow your desk space to appear cluttered on camera. When looking through your CV a great tip we suggest is to think of segways (ways to link) any points on your CV to wider interests and achievements.



How you speak, your body language and your posture are all key points you need to work on and see how they come across through video. If you can perfect all three you will appear as an attentive professional individual. One of our toughest tips to follow is to remember to keep eye contact with the camera and not at the screen, this allows you to give the impression of face to face eye contact which is a sign of confidence.


If you would like to find out more about how to prepare for a successful virtual interview, please get in touch with us, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Email us at info@ryderslade.co.uk or call on 01392 401 330.

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