9 Steps to Healthy Company Culture

Company culture has become an essential area of focus for many businesses. Employers are now finding that having fun working environments, happy employees, and providing flexible hours is fast becoming the norm. It has been proven that having a good company culture helps with productivity and profit. 

Let’s have a look at these nine steps to healthy company culture:


Happy employees

It may sound simple; however, this should be the first thing that you do to increase profit and productivity. Happy employees tend to take less sick days, take more initiative and work harder. 

Recruitment process

Gone are the days where people are hiring based on qualifications. When it comes to having a distinctive company culture, you want to look at how the person will fit in the team. This doesn’t mean that you should be recruiting people who aren’t qualified to do the job; it’s best to try and find someone who has both qualities. Many companies choose to use a recruitment agency because they are able to find the ideal candidates.

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Promote a work-life balance

Although you may have targets to hit and want to make a profit, you should still be promoting an excellent work-life balance to your employees. Stress is seen as a hidden killer in health, and overworked employees are at more risk. Companies who have a good culture tend to enable employees to have much needed time off so they can balance both their working and personal lives. 


Encourage employees to have their say 

When your employees feel as though they can have their say without being scrutinised or punished, they will be happier, come up with better ideas and stick around for longer. You don’t want your employees to feel as though they’re going to be ridiculed or ignored when speaking out. 

Have compassion and empathy

Rather than instantly punishing someone for making a mistake in the workplace, you should think about empathising rather than placing the blame. Having repercussions have always been seen as a necessary system. However, punishment can damage the trust you have built. It’s proven that managers that show compassion and kindness are more respected and therefore have more loyal employees. It’s also an attractive feature when you’re in a recruitment process. 


Scrap micro-managing 

You should already be recruiting people who are a good fit for your company and values. The aim is to have employees who enjoy working for you and are naturally productive. This means you can eliminate micro-managing and allow your staff to look after their workload. All you need is good structure and clarity. 


Make work fun 

There have been several studies that have shown that fun working environments increase productivity and reduce absence. Providing opportunities to socialise, celebrate and team building are essential if you want to be a modern company as well as being productive. 


Acknowledge your employees

Whether it’s for something small or a large task, it’s crucial to acknowledge an accomplishment regularly. It’s known to motivate your employees to strive to be the best they can and achieve even more. 


Know your employees 

You should be getting to know your employees on an individual basis. Knowing about both their personal and career goals can open you up to provide the proper support. Studies have shown that the best managers are the ones who have an interest in their employee’s success. 


These areas will help you to improve your company culture. Remember that effective businesses are moving away from traditional environments and shifting to creating friendly, warmer and more human workplaces. 



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