All Systems Go…

We must admit to having a few butterflies fluttering about in our stomachs at the moment. Despite months of careful planning and preparation, being here on the cusp of launching RyderSlade is an incredibly exciting experience!

We can’t recall exactly when we realised that our future lay in bringing our own business into the Exeter recruitment market, but over the last couple of months working exclusively on this project, our belief in what we are doing has been galvanised. Neither of us have run our own business prior to launching RyderSlade, having always worked within medium and large commercial operations. However, the really enjoyable part of this project has been knowing that the hours of hard work and energy required to bring something like this to fruition is all based on our own choices; a very liberating feeling.


Feedback is key, so we are really keen to hear from you with insight into any aspect of our business, its a steep learning curve that we are on, so the more tutors who are out there the better!


We hope to bring you regular business updates and reflections on the Exeter marketplace through this blog section of our website.


There are so many events and initiatives we are looking forward to making happen in the next 12 months, check back here for the most up-to-the-minute news from Exeter’s newest recruitment partner!