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Virtual recruitment may be new for many, but for us it is something we have been doing for many years. During these unprecedented times we have found many of our clients are looking to digitalise their interview and indeed work processes. To simplify this for you, we have detailed the way in which we handle virtual recruitment for both the employer and the candidate.

Client Journey

Build the perfect team from across the region, without leaving your office.

in order to understand your skills and experience with virtual recruitment and the onboarding process we have created an article with useful information from us, please click here to explore this.

Requirement Identified

Temporary or permanent vacancy requirement identified, finer details finalised via phone/video call with us.

Key Details

Timescales and fees agreed before being sent to you for a digital signature.

Finding Candidates

Vacancy is advertised via appropriate channels, responses are then screened and required to complete an initial telephone call with us.


Suitable candidates are then invited to a video interview with us, before submitting proof of eligibility to work in the UK using digital identity verification software.


The final shortlist is then produced, with successful candidates being invited for review by you or to be tasked with a temporary assignment.

The Interview

Once interviews are scheduled all information is shared with the candidate and they are fully briefed. A post interview debrief is conducted by us talking to you and the candidate, feedback will be shared.

Offer Made

The offer is then made and all final details are confirmed.

Candidate Journey

Cut the commute to mere seconds.

To help you prepare for this process we have prepared an article detailing our top tips, please click here to explore these.

Application Response

After applying for the vacancy, an initial telephone call with us will be arranged in order to understand you.

Meeting Us

We will then advise you if you have been selected for a video interview with us. We will also ask you to confirm your eligibility to work in the UK via digital verification software.


We will then advise you if you have been selected for the employers review or if you have been assigned an assignment.

The Interview

We will then advise you if you have been selected for an interview with the employer, we will fully brief you for this.


Following the interview we will ask you to give us a debrief so that feedback can be obtained and shared.

Offer Made

We will then give you feedback from the employer or the job offer is communicated to you.

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