Why temps could be the staffing solution you need right now

The past few months have been quiet for us all, our once vibrant office has become home set-ups and video calls. However, over the past couple of weeks, we have seen glimpses of a return to a sort of normality.


We have both spent time over the last few weeks contacting many business owners and managers and have spotted some key patterns from our conversations. To help you understand how other contemporaries may be feeling we have detailed these concerns below, followed by the steps we are taking to ease your worries and help your business understand the recruitment options out there.


None of us knows just how long we will be seeing gaps in our workforce. Family commitments along with the need to self-isolate or look after loved ones, mean that the spring back into work is not going to be as straightforward as we would have liked. Employees’ mental health may also need some time to recover and so a break or a phased return to work before returning to the workplace may be necessary.


Fluctuating workloads due to the impact of COVID-19 have made forecasting a near-impossible task for many businesses. There may be weeks when we need all of our resources, including staff, and other times where you need additional team members.


Whilst permanent recruitment still features on the agenda for many businesses, many companies are proceeding with caution and considering other options too. If you’ve never used temporary staff in the business before, it’s a great solution if you’re not ready to recruit permanently.


These three points have allowed us to formulate ways to help our clients and give them the confidence to consider a variety of recruitment solutions. Our years of experience, through recessions and other events, has helped us see how businesses can benefit from a range of recruitment options.


At the moment we are working with clients to help them recruit temporary staff, a solution that means you will quickly have the resources in place to respond to business needs, but keeping the flexibility that we need too.


We have simple and effective processes that mean we can source suitable temporary staff, verify right to work documents and set candidates up for payroll quickly and effectively.


We can do all of this virtually and even help you get temps set up to work from home.


If you would like to discuss recruitment options further with us please click here to get in touch.

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